America on the internet

Coming from an exetremely biased area on this as americans are widely made fun of in my area whether they know it or not, I cannot understand many things about this country. In Ireland global warming is a widely accepted fact that has three chapters of my geography book dedicated to it, yet americans (or at least the ones on the internet) seem to believe that it is a myth. I’m sorry to tell the poor misunderstood innocent people who accept this fact that they are wrong, and should just accept it. This is not an exetremely ellaborate plot to pull more money out of you, this is truth.

To me, being in school myself, I see many flaws in the education system, but there is none I can see more flawed than the american one. They do not seem to learn enough about other countries so, when they do leave america, they can be spotted straight away. This doesnt happen to often as only 30% of americans own a passport.

I did not mean for this to be a rant so I shall move on now, my main point is how are we letting this country lead everything in our everyday lives this country rampaging around the world defending their “Freedom” in the meantime our leaders follow every decision they make. Once I was blocked by the F.B.I to enter a website that is not blocked in my country, get the hell of my internet is my answer, I am Free, I do not care if you are or not, stop taking it away from ME.

I have heard people posting comments on other posts about global warming saying that they are “Free” so they can do what they want with the planet? Is this seriously the way we are going to treat the earth?

Sorry to break it to you guys but while you are walking around in the safety of your “Freedom” the rest of the world is laughing at you. I do not want to insult anyone sorry if I did, maybe it’ll be a bit of a push to think about other countries.

P.S Stop invading countries, especially when your population cannot point them out on a map.


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