What Made it and What is is it? Paddy’s Day

St Patricks day is a day where, traditionally, one of Irelands three patrons saints (and the best known) are celebrated. Before what is now known lovingly as paddy’s day St. Patricks Day was a time where families in rural Ireland would have as big a feast as they could garner and go to mass. That was it, It was over, not a day for the extensive drinking or partying that now symbolises the day. So what Happened?

Before the potato famine Ireland had a population of eight million, after it was four million which it still satys at to this day. That famine wiped out half the population, most of the population did not go to america, but many did. And they wanted a way to stay in touch with their roots. This was not the first time that St patricks day was majorly celbrated though it gave it (for a short time) more purpose. It began to farther itself from the tradition first when Irish Soldiers fighting in the british army during the american war of independance marched around New York.

Once it began, it snowballed, Ireland saw that we should have celebrations and then it spread. Now St. patrick’s day should no longer have “Saint” in it, its more patrick’s day, Paddy’s day. Now it is a celebration of a small ethnic group that live on an island in the atlantic, another time for “Irish-Americans” and other Irish mixes to think about their roots.


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