Descriptive Excersise and Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

Boxed Aurora

Boxed Aurora, even the skies are going green (Photo credit: KyleWiTh)

Well its hard to resist saying happy St. Patricks day everyone. Should be great fun over here going to a parade and for once the Irish weather does not seem to be rain. I think just for today I’ll dye the blog green 🙂

Anyways what I really wanted to talk about was how lately all my writing has been ending up scrapped for one reason, I do not like how non-descript it is. So I decided to do some descriptive excersises, I imagined a place (Arctic Tundra :)) and then wrote a peice focussing as much as possible on describing the place, though as it develops more action comes in.

Like the devils teeth rising high above the treeline ahead that waved in the wind the mountaintops were spiked and white capped. The wind was racing across the plains in from the ocean far to the east. The long grass that grew in patches around the plains was waving in a violent and infinitely monotonous circle. As I walked I came to a bubbling stream that raced over rocks and pebbles before coming to a sinkhole, as the water fell into the sinkhole it made a loud but somehow harmonic noise. A large Boulder was on a small island in the middle of the water and the stream had widened to go around the now teardrop shaped island. I jumped over to the island to utilize the shelter that the large boulder had created. Around the west side was a small cave only big enough for me that provide little cold shelter from the wind. I entered so I could get rest.

Something was happening. I did not know what or where but I knew I had to wake up. Strangely it seemed that everything outside the cave was a green tint. I walked out of my cave and looked around; as soon as I stood I was hit once again by the biting wind that nearly knocked me off my feet. I looked to the sky and saw the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The Aurora Borealis was gently dancing through the skies in shades of green. It was like a well-trained ballet dancer completing every little turn and flick with extreme ease. It curved back almost upon itself and then turned quickly back round. It whipped about but not in the same way as the brutal winds, the lights seemed to whip smoothly, round, and always looked graceful. S o I climbed up onto the top of the boulder braced against the winds and watched the lights. I just sat there in the cold for hours, maybe minutes. The sun rose not long after the lights ended.

Soft yellows rose up over the long grasses and thick prickly bushes that scattered the landscape. The coat of frost was literally a blanket over everything.

Well there it is hope you like it 🙂


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