Global Warming

Aren’t Human brains amazing? We often take it for granted but have you ever sat down and tried to use your imagination to just think of a place, and then make it real in your head? Well if you ever have then you may have an idea of the strange things that our brains can do, a string of small jolts of energy to certain parts of the brain and we can create a whole landscape in our minds.

But is this landscape not based on what we know? Is it not based on the mind bogglingly beautiful landscapes that earth has already lain out for us? So many that it is hard to even count.

In maybe even a hundred years children may not have this ability due to how we destroy these landscapes at an extremely alarming rate. They will not have anything to base their places on, maybe they will be in a city that has a bubble around it and the outside is a wasteland, maybe they will be floating on the ocean that now covers the whole earth and they will read about the amazing rainforests that once stretched around our planet.

What nature made on this planet is the most amazing thing ever, humans will never make anything better, and there will never be something that needs nuclear power that is better than what has been made on this planet. We have no real reason to destroy it, especially since clean energy has already been developed and yet we still haven’t fully converted?

Before we try and fix mistakes that we made tens of thousands of years ago like the extinction of the woolly mammoth we should instead focus on stopping ourselves from making the biggest mistake any species can make, killing itself off, making itself extinct. At the moment that is where we are heading.

Please do not now look to the stars like cosmologists are doing, we have here on this planet the most beautiful environment, do we want to be the people that destroy someone else’s property and then just move on to the next place?

‘The Earth is not ours, we have merely borrowed it from our children’ A quote from the ancient Mayans. This shows how this is not a newly sighted problem, far from it. We have been warned about this for a long time. When we will we accept it is happening?

As for the narrow minded people that wander around the internet telling everyone that global warming is a myth, simply part of the eternal cycle of the earth, this is only in part true. If you look at the projections of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere it fluctuates in a two year cycle, but it is still rising. Every second year when it goes up, it goes up farther. This is not part of a cycle anymore we are seriously affecting our planet, and there is no time to argue about whether it is a myth or not.

For the first time ever recorded the permafrost in the arctic tundra is melting. The permafrost is soil that is permanently frozen. Here’s an idea of how much carbon dioxide and methane is in the permafrost, at the moment there are about 830 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide and methane in our atmosphere, if the permafrost melts it could release up to 1,400 gigatonnes. Yes you read that right; there is more in the permafrost than there is in the atmosphere at the moment. If global temperatures rise 1.5 degrees then the melt will begin, and once it does it becomes a landslide, the more gas it releases the faster the temperatures rise.

If this does successfully melt than it will have a severe impact on everything that we know today. Is it still a myth to you? This is not a problem for our children, this is our problem and no one else’s, the choices our world leaders make over the next ten to twenty years will be some of the most important choices ever made, they are the most important leaders yet.

We must do everything we can, do not say this is not you’re problem, don’t say it’s for future generations to handle, that is what our forefathers said, now it has landed with us.

Our problem, we must find the solution.

Just a little something I wrote up while I was bored.


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